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Malware, hacking and data leaks

A discussion about the current state of cybersecurity in Europe

Information technologies have transformed the way we live, work and divert ourselves. With these technologies come new threats to our security, from (sensitive) data leaks to virtual identity theft to cyber-espionage and viruses that can crash whole computer systems.  In 2017, Europe was facing about 4000 ransomware attacks per day. It was also the year of yet another series of malware attacks targeting entities in public health, banking, communication, logistics, politics, etc.  Cyberattacks are directed more increasingly towards government agencies and citizens. Some efforts to tackle such cyberattacks are taken on governmental level through strengthening of cybersecurity centres. But to what extent is this enough? Should citizens, organisations and companies be responsible for their own 'cyberhygiene' or should this be regulated and enforced by the EU or national governments?

Moderator: Ulrich Seldeslachts (LSEC – Leaders in security)
Speakers: Nathalie van Raemdonck (CyberWayFinder), Maarten Bodlaender (Philips), Simon Hania (TomTom), Eddy Willems (G Data Software AG)

Organized by Privacy Salon and deBuren in partnership with LSEC
Registration via deBuren

A PRIVACYTOPIA event organised in the context of CPDP2018