PLSC-Europe 2018 Call for Papers

PLSC-Europe 2018 will be held in Brussels on Saturday 27 January 2018, right after the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) 2018 conference. CPDP is an annual gathering of academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry, and civil society from all over the world. Its 11th edition, “The Internet of Bodies”, will take place on 24-26 January 2018. PLSC-Europe will follow on Saturday 27 January 2018.

Based on the popular Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC) event in the United States, PLSC-Europe is dedicated to bringing together privacy law scholars, practitioners, and privacy scholars from other disciplines from across Europe and beyond to discuss current issues. PLSC-Europe aims at fostering greater connections between academia and practice (industry, legal, advocacy, and government), and at bringing together law scholars with academics and professionals from other disciplines (e.g. economics, philosophy, political science, computer science). The first PLSC-Europe was held in October 2015 in conjunction with the Amsterdam Privacy Conference, and the second one in May 2017, in conjunction with TILTing Perspectives 2017. From 2017 onwards, PLSC-Europe became a regular event co-organized by the University of Amsterdam (IvIR), Tilburg University (TILT), and the Free University Brussels (LSTS/Privacy Salon), alternating between Amsterdam, Tilburg, and Brussels. The third edition of PLSC-Europe will be held on 27 January 2018 in Brussels.

PLSC is a paper workshop. Papers are not available, and proceedings will not be released. The papers discussed are works in progress, and so will not be publicly released, nor publicized: the ideas presented by the authors are often still developing, and need further incubation before being finalised. In a PLSC paper workshop, a “commenter” leads a discussion among participants on an author's paper. Authors are encouraged to listen to the discussion, rather than steer it or participate actively to it. There are no panels or keynotes at PLSC: the idea is to help the author by giving feedback and advice on the paper. Workshops are informal and friendly in nature.

We welcome the submission of abstracts on both pure and multidisciplinary legal scholarship on privacy and data protection. 
Please submit your abstract through the following link: 
If your abstract gets accepted for the paper workshop, you will be required to deliver a full draft before the conference, to allow participants to read the paper in advance.

In writing your abstract, please indicate the literature in which your paper will be situated. If your topic is entirely novel or interdisciplinary, please indicate that as well. The abstract should explain the contribution your work makes to the existing literature. 
Furthermore, we will not accept papers that are subject to pre-publication review, veto, or embargo, nor those where the sponsor controls the content of the paper. We will therefore require a conflicts of interest statement.

Abstracts do not have strict formal requirements: they should contain a synthetic exposition of your idea, its placement within the existing literature, and a statement confirming the lack of conflict of interest.

For any inquiry or clarification, please contact Lorenzo at

Key Dates
Abstract submission: 29 September 2017
Abstract acceptance: 27 October 2017
Workshop draft due: 22 December 2017
Workshop: 27 January 2018

PLSC-Europe 2018 is organised by Privacy Salon and VUB-LSTS, and supported by Microsoft and CPDP2018.