Civil Engagement

Privacy Salon supports the Civil Engagement Project.

Exploring Trust & Cooperation Between Business and Civil Society

The relationship between business, privacy campaigners and consumer groups often suffers from mistrust and poor communication. There is a growing sense that the present situation is far from ideal. With a need for better communication between the sectors, the Civil Engagement Project will hold workshops across Europe to seek an understanding of the relationship between civil society and business. The goal of this project is to identify opportunities for stronger collaboration, cooperation and mutual support between companies, consumer groups and privacy activists.

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Every year, Privacy Salon partners with Architempo to organize the CPDP edition of the PechaKucha Night Brussels.

Architempo explores the multiple dimensions of design: from strategy to interaction design, innovation scenarios, pan-European communication campaigns; from exhibitions (red dot design museum, St-Etienne Design Biennale) to interventions and conferences (Interaction14 Amsterdam, PechaKucha Nights with more than 60 editions). Architempo’s clients range from education institutions to companies in health, transportation and hospitality-food systems. 

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