Privacy Salon vzw is a non-profit – organisation that was founded by Paul de Hert, Rosamunde van Brakel and Ulrich Seldeslachts in 2014.

Privacy Salon vzw builds upon the wealth of experience and network of the research group LSTS at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (http://www.vub.ac.be/LSTS/), the well-known Computers, Privacy and Data-Protection conferences (http://www.cpdpconferences.org) and the European Network of Security Professionals, Research and Industry (LSEC- http://www.leadersinsecurity.org), and wants to focus on specific objectives .


  1. To inform, sensibilise and critically inform the broader public, policy makers and industry in Belgium, Europe and beyond about privacy, data protection and other social and ethical issues that are raised with the introduction of new technologies in society.
  2. Contribute to policy, policy-making and evaluation of privacy and data protection policy by ways of consultancy for policy makers, industry and research institutions.
  3. Contribute to scientific and policy-oriented research on privacy, data protection and social-ethical consequences of new technologies.
  4. Create a platform, which has the following goals:
    • The worldwide promotion of Belgium and Brussels as European knowledge centre of privacy and data protection.
    • To bring together the main stakeholders (government, academia, industry and civil society) to meet in an atmosphere of mutual respect to exchange ideas about emerging issues concerning new technologies, privacy and data protection
    • Contribute to innovation development of privacy-related products, methods, processes, activities, services etc.


Privacy Salon vzw co-organisers the annual conference of CPDP and numerous public side events on privacy related themes in Brussels, Belgium including an annual art exhibition on privacy and new technologies.